Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Latest Google Updates........Lots of Updates

Like any day ending in a year, there’s lot of things to tell about Google today.

Click to Call Croaks
Search Engine Journal reports that the Google Maps Click-to-Call characteristic has been discontinued (inciting indignation in the Google Maps Google Group. The characteristic premiered in November 2006, but was just “a long-running experimentation, and in the conclusion it was decided to cease it.”

Google seems to regard Google Voice Local Search (Goog411, launched in April) as the successor for Click-to-Call—but without the real clicking. So it’s just calling.

Google Analytics Adds New Features
Google Analytics added a second bout of original features on Friday—no large changes, but a few things that will have it easier to sail your analytics reports. In addition to a “go to:” corner to permit you to rise about rapidly in reports, enhancing segmentation and defaulting to nation instead of subcontinent in mapping overlay.

Google Adds Images to API
Google Blogoscoped reports today that Google has added image search results to their AJAX search API.